Juan y Diego is an Artist, Illustrator and Visual Developer born in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

In his work he has explored topics such as the marginal, the unknown, the non-belonging, the city, childhood, the subconscious, darkness, black humor, and recently personal mysticism, the psyche, myths and the appropriation of religious iconographies . He has a strong interest in perceiving what normally goes unnoticed in the world around him in an unconventional way, appreciating and interpreting details through drawing, imagination and image as means of expression, not only visually but poetically. He has promoted his work through self-publishing and his main interest has been drawing, which he practices with a daily discipline and in constant evolution, which has led him to work in an intersection with media such as comics, animation and transmedia projects. He has obtained the recognition to work with clients from Brazil to Canada; and his work has been reviewed in national and international publications. His personal work and his distinctive style and creativity have been the key to continue his work for more than 10 years of experience without stopping his production for a second. Always ready for new jobs and new challenges in his creative career his slogan is ...

... Draw or die.

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